Indices Today Previous Day Change 1 year return  
NDBIB-CRISIL 91 Day T-Bill Index 10386.51 10384.50 2.01 9.33%
NDBIB-CRISIL 364 Day T-Bill Index 10141.74 10140.02 1.71 10.50%
NDBIB-CRISIL 3 Year T-Bond Index 2457.98 2458.38 -0.40 17.17%
NDBIB-CRISIL 5 Year T-Bond Index 2492.04 2492.71 -0.66 20.84%
NDBIB - CRISIL Overnight Repo Index 3506.53 3505.80 0.74 8.56%
NDBIB - CRISIL 1 Week Repo Index 1968.78 1968.35 0.43 8.92%
NDBIB - CRISIL 1 Month Repo Index 2132.84 2132.36 0.47 9.28%
NDBIB-CRISIL 5 Year T-Bond $ Index 1844.69 1843.05 1.65 18.16%
NDBIB-CRISIL 3 Year T-Bond $ Index 1819.48 1817.66 1.81 14.57%
NDBIB-CRISIL 364 Day T-Bill $ Index 3535.26 3530.56 4.69 8.04%
NDBIB-CRISIL 91 Day T-Bill $ Index 3620.58 3615.68 4.90 6.90%
NDBIB - CRISIL Composite Repo Index 1949.89 1949.47 0.42 8.85%
NDBIB - CRISIL Government Debt Index 2148.63 2148.51 0.11 12.73%
Investment Banking

NCAP offers a comprehensive range of investment banking services with a particular focus on debt and equity structuring and placements. In addition, corporate advisory services and facilitation of mergers & acquisitions are also in the product range offered under investment banking. These fee based investment banking services are offered both in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh via NDB Investment Bank (NDBIB) and NDB Capital Limited (NDBC) respectively.

NDBIB is the flagship company of the NCAP Group which has introduced a range of innovative capital market instruments to Sri Lanka..

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Wealth Management

NDB Wealth Management Limited, the largest private sector wealth management company in Sri Lanka with over 20 years of industry experience and approximately LKR 60 Billion assets under management, offers customised wealth management solutions to its diverse clientele. The company currently has six mutual funds on offer and was the first to launch a AAA rated mutual fund in the country. NWM has also secured a long term exclusive contract to manage the insurance fund of AIA Sri Lanka. NWM is licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) as an Investment Manager.

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Stock Brokering

NDB Stockbrokers, established in 1992, is one of the foremost brokering companies in the country that offers high-end research and brokerage services to both Sri Lankan and foreign investors in the Colombo Stock Exchange. In addition to brokerage services, the product offering includes online trading, margin trading and a comprehensive range of high quality research publications (country, industry and company specific). The company has a set of well qualified investment advisors and research professionals to assist investors.

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Private Equity

NDB Zephyr Partners Limited, a company 60% owned by NCAP and based in Mauritius, is in the business of managing Private Equity Funds and currently manages the Emerald Sri Lanka Fund I, the largest Private Equity fund dedicated to Sri Lanka. The Fund will be investing on equity or equity related securities in growth oriented organizations in Sri Lanka. Apart from providing much needed capital for the organizations, the investment team will provide guidance to portfolio companies in areas of strategy, finance and management development in order to enhance the value of the companies.

Other Businesses
- Proprietary Trading

NCAP recently setup its proprietary trading desk to capitalize on short term volatilities and mis-pricings in the market.

- Underwriting

NCAP is a licensed underwriter for listed debt and equity securities. NCAP is actively seeking such opportunities in the market.

- Direct Investments

NCAP maintains direct exposures to listed equities, fixed income securities, money market and income funds.